About iVebo.co.uk
iVebo the uncensored alternative. A platform for the awake, for those seeking truth or spiritual ascension, gain and share information with the community.

iVebo Uncensored

The Free Speech Social Platform
Officially launched on 2nd January 2021 iVebo.co.uk the uncensored free speech social platform aimed toward the awakened or awaking minds & souls of this world.
This site has been developed & managed by "Net 2 You Webmaster Services"  this platform is provided free of charge to end users for the good of all and to help bring about truth & unity for & within humanity. 
The iVebo platform is funded by a "Net 2 You" client group, donations & advertising revenue derived from this platform fund the iVebo platform operating costs any shortfall provided by the iVebo client group, we apriciate all users support in using & contributing to this site. 
With your support we will strive to provide a superb platform available to everyone!

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