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03/01/2021 Tech issue:

Despite iVebo having been extensively tested pre-launch teething issues will occur from time to time, regrettably due to a technical issue several new members accounts where deleted.

We sincerely apologise for this frustrating techno glitch and ask that any members that are experiencing login difficulties in that they are unable to login we would ask that they re-register using the same information they did before.

When registering your email address will be checked and if you are one of the effected lost accounts you will be able to register again using the same email as each iVebo user has an individual email addresses which will be checked upon registration.

We apologies for the inconvenience this will have caused to anyone effected it truly is the last thing we would wish for as every member of iVebo is a valued member.

If you believe your account my have been effected please click here to register again.

Kindest regards

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