Help Section

Help Section

Trouble logging in?

If you find you cannot login to your account the most likely cause will be a security lock, this can happen when logging in to your account from a different location or different device not used before or other suspicious login attempts. When this occurs an email would have been sent to the email address registered to your account. The email will ask you to confirm the new device or location before you can access to your account. When you have once again gain access to your account please check your email address details are correct here.

If your email was incorrect or you have not received a security check email please contact to request the removal of any security block.

How To

Posting images on iVebo

Select an image from your image files or for multiple images hold down "CTRL key"(PC) or "Option key"(Mac) and click the images you want to select for upload (applies to desktops PC's Mac's)

After selecting images click the open button and the image/s will be loaded in to your post. A title for images is not essential to make the post. (Video post's always require a title)

Posting video on iVebo

Post's containing video must have a title specified to be successful in the upload process as further processing with video is required to optimise video file size. Once a video is posted and the upload complete there will be a few minutes delay before video optimisation is complete and post displays you will be sent a notification.

Just one video per post is currently possible.

Sharing Facebook, Youtube, Bitcute other media platform links are usually successful but unfortunately not always, some restrictions can apply especially with posts taken from other platforms inparticular FB groups these are restrictions on Facebook's side, its a trial error things at times to discover what displays best. Bare in mind also that a post taken from another platform and shared on iVebo even where initially successful remains connected to the original post therefore platform, if the original is removed so will it disappear from iVebo. Only direct posts to iVebo are protected from this.

Unfortunately at times a post will have to be removed if its display interferes with the operation of iVebo due to non compatibility, we work continuously on compatibility issues and solutions as they appear and attempt to correct where possible before removal.